Serving as an Idera ACE 2016-2017


I’m very proud to announce that I have been selected to participate in the 2016-2017 Idera ACE program.  This means I’ll be able to participate and mentor others in the #sqlfamily more than ever before! My first event as an Idera ACE will be SQL Saturday, Lincoln NE. I’ll also be traveling to Washington, DC and presenting at their SQL Saturday thanks to Idera!

Part of my Idera ACE responsibility is to also blog, mentor and educate, fantastic! I am truly honored and so excited. This award has given me some new energy and I feel invigorated and ready to “get going!” Here’s to a great year!!

What is an Idera ACE?

“ACEs (Advisors & Community Educators) are active community members who have shown a passion for helping the community and sharing their knowledge. Idera helps the ACEs pursue that passion by sponsoring travel to select events and offering guidance for soft skill training.”

Requirements to become an Idera ACE:

  • Enthusiastic members & leaders of the SQL community
  • Accomplished contributors to the SQL community
  • Good speaker, writer and presenter
  • Demonstrated a passion for educating fellow community members


Received the PASS Outstanding Volunteer Award

PASS is the Professional Association for SQL Server and is a Worldwide Organization with about 250,000 members. This is the 2nd time I’ve received this award, and I’m one of only 2 people to ever be awarded the designation more than once.  I was also awarded this designation in June of 2015. It will be announced at the late October PASS Summit in Seattle to over 4,000 attendees at the Washington Convention Center.
“As one of the Program Managers, Mindy has been an invaluable member of the PASS Community. She has restructured the process of reviewing abstracts by building her own database to manage the hundreds of abstracts received and to manage the workflow of reviewing all those abstracts for the team of 100 volunteers. In addition to this, when the abstract reviews were complete, Mindy alone went through all 3000 comments left by the reviewers to clean up poorly worded comments before sending those comments back to the submitter.  The processes she has set in place and the extensive knowledge she has brought to the Program Committee has made her a crucial part in making the Summit Program truly exceptional. She has time and again shown what is means to Connect, Share and Learn.”